Watch this short video to learn how to put together a fantasy team and submit your entry in the Chronic Tacos Fantasy Football League.

This fantasy contest is made up of 10 weekly challenges covering Weeks 8 through 17 of the NFL regular season.

Weekly challenges go live every Tuesday, and you need to submit your entry before kickoff of the first Sunday game each week.

Good Luck!!

Fantasy Point Scoring


Rush Yard     0.1
Rush TD     6
Pass Yard     0.05
Pass TD     4
Receiving TD     6
Interception Thrown     -1
Receiving Yard     0.1
Reception     1
Two-Point Conversion - Rush/Receive/Pass     2
Kickoff or Punt Return TD     6
Offensive Fumble Recovery TD     6
Fumble Lost     -2
Extra Point     1
Field Goal     3


TD Allowed     -1
FG Allowed     -.0.5
2 Point Conversion Allowed     -0.5
Pass Defended     0.25
Tackle for Loss     0.25
Sack     1
Safety     2
Forced Fumble     0.5
Opponent Fumble Recovery     2
Interception     2
Blocked Punt/Kick     2
2 Point Conversion/Extra Point Return     2
Interception Return TD     6
Fumble Recovery TD     6
Kickoff or Punt Return TD     6
Blocked Punt/FG Return TD     6
Field Goal Return TD     6
Note: The following TD types will only result in negative points against the DST - Rush, Pass, Offensive Fumble Recovery, Punt Return, Kickoff Return, FG Return, Blocked FG Return, Blocked Punt Return.