The History Behind Chronic Tacos Third-generation Recipes


If you think the food you’ll find a local Chronic Tacos location is just like the food you’ll find at any standard taco joint, then you are seriously mistaken. The Chronic Tacos menu is unique in its origin, incorporating third-generation recipes from the Bonilla family of Fresnillo, Zacatecas, Mexico.

The Bonilla Family’s Authentic Touch

Randy Wyner, Founder and President of Chronic Tacos, grew up with Jason Bonilla, the eldest son of the Bonilla family. When Wyner was in first grade he first tasted the Bonilla family’s food and was immediately hooked.

“The Bonilla family would always have these big backyard barbecues that we always looked forward to because we loved how authentic the recipes were, the delicious flavor and how everything tasted so fresh,” Wyner said.

Although Wyner has fond memories eating these traditional foods as part of his childhood, these recipes stem back all the way to early 20th century Mexico, where these delicious items were the talk of the town across all of Fresnillo.

“In Mexico, Great Grandma Bonilla would make these fresh recipes in her house and the kids would go out in the town and take orders from locals and run home where she would put together tacos, tortas and more for the kids to deliver,” said Wyner. “Her recipes were legendary among locals in the town.”

When Wyner first had the idea to open the first Chronic Tacos location, he knew that he had to use these familiar and authentic Bonilla recipes. What makes these recipes so authentic to Mexican culture? Wyner says it’s the ingredients and the seasoning in the foods and that all of the food is made in traditional Mexican style. Although over time, Chronic Tacos has incorporated some California influence into these traditional Mexican recipes, the core of the recipes, ingredients and flavors have stayed the same.

The Chronic Tacos Difference: The Ingredients

A lot of TLC is put into preparing the food at Chronic Tacos. The Chronic Tacos franchise is known for the bold flavors in all of its dishes, and these flavors couldn’t be made possible without using the freshest ingredients. The ingredients at all Chronic Tacos locations are locally sourced, ensuring that each franchise is using the freshest of ingredients that guarantee the best flavor-profile for each dish.

“Our recipes are all made from scratch with fresh ingredients and authentic flavor,” said Wyner. “Our recipes really hit all of the senses and are so cravable you’ll become hooked.”

All of the salsas, hot sauces and guacamole are made in-house using fresh avocados, tomatoes, serrano peppers and many more homegrown ingredients. All meats are marinated for 24 hours, and the fan-favorite carnitas are slow cooked for a whopping 3.5 hours.

Chronic Tacos prides itself on emanating authentic Mexican culture stemming back to its original Bonilla family recipes and locally sourced ingredients.

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