Mexican Food Trends: Restaurants Catering To American Cravings


Americans have had an infatuation with Mexican food for quite some time now, due to its bold flavors and spicy ingredients. As a result, the Mexican food industry in America is booming, bringing a total of $36 billion to the American economy each year and an annual growth rate of nearly 3 percent, according to IBIS World.

Yes, tacos are on-trend in a culinary sense in the U.S., according to Zagat, but they aren’t the only development that’s sweeping America concerning Mexican food. The ever-evolving American palate is causing many Mexican restaurants to take a risk by introducing on-trend, delicious options to their menus. Here we’ll look at three growing trends in the emerging Mexican food industry and how Chronic Tacos is amping up their menu in response.

Gluten-free: Eating a gluten-free diet isn’t only for the 1 percent of Americans that suffer from Celiacs Disease anymore. A large number of Americans are beginning to voluntarily cut gluten from their diets for a variety of reasons, most commonly in response to the trending Paleo Diet, according to Time. Many restaurants, including Chronic Tacos, offer an assortment of gluten-free menu options to satisfy the diets (and taste buds) of the customers. Even a fan-favorite taco can be made for gluten-free for customers by swapping out flour tortillas for equally delicious corn tortillas. The Chronic Taco menu also includes a selection of salads topped with beans, meats and veggies that can be consumed by gluten-free customers.
Vegetarian: According to the Vegetarian Times, 7.3 million Americans are vegetarians, but a surprisingly additional 22.6 million Americans don’t necessarily consider themselves vegetarian but tend to follow a vegetarian-inclined diet. Luckily for these veggie-loving Americans, they can enjoy one of Chronic Tacos numerous vegetarian-friendly meals. In fact, all dishes on the Chronic Tacos menu, from tacos to burritos to salads, can be made to meet a vegetarian’s needs. All of the restaurants’ black beans and white lime rice is cooked without the use of animal products, making them not only vegetarian-friendly, but palatable for vegans, too.
Breakfast tacos: Although many Americans opt to eat breakfast at home, an increasing number of individuals are opting to hit the snooze button a few more times, skipping their bowl of cereal and instead are visiting a quick-service restaurant on their way to work. In fact, nearly half of consumers visited a limited-service restaurant for breakfast last year, according to QSR. Detecting this trend, Chronic Tacos has introduced a new breakfast section to its menu, bringing in a new customer base of hungry, early risers. This novel breakfast menu includes a breakfast burrito or taco – a corn or flour tortilla stuffed with eggs, potatoes and a choice of meat. Breakfast at Chronic Tacos is served all day, so even the night owls can get their hands on a breakfast burrito.
Chronic Tacos continues to forward-thinking in the culinary game by embracing American eating trends by introducing delicious and authentic recipes to its ever-evolving menu. For more information about Chronic Tacos menu options, visit our website.