The Dawn of Daylong Breakfast?

February 2015 | By Emily Byrd

Consumer demand for breakfast all day is at an all-time high. Will operators respond?

While breakfast may not be the quick-service
industry’s biggest daypart, there could be
enough demand for breakfast foods to become
a daylong staple.

According to the National Restaurant
Association’s (NRA) 2015 Restaurant Industry
Forecast, seven out of 10 consumers say they
want restaurants to serve breakfast throughout
the day. Millennials are more interested in
breakfast for dinner than any other age group
before them.

“Breakfast hasn’t traditionally been the most common dining-out daypart, but with the
increasingly busy lifestyles we lead today, consumer interest is definitely stemming from the blurring of normal meal periods,” says Annika Stensson, the NRA’s director of research
communications. “Who doesn’t like some good pancakes, no matter what time of day it is?”

Brands have already been showing signs of innovation with their breakfast menu offerings
within the past year—Taco Bell’s Waffle Taco and Sonic’s French Toaster come to mind—and
the NRA reports that people are looking for more spicy flavors and ethnic influences in their
breakfast choices. But to date there hasn’t been as much innovation with the breakfast hours,
with most brands wrapping up breakfast service at 10:30 or 11 a.m.